Email marketing

Email marketing is all about connecting with your customers and providing the value they care about most. Quality email marking is based on carefully planned market research and analytics. As a result, at Klever Cookie we pay close attention to both in order to achieve your business goals.

Email Marketing By The Numbers

At Klever Cookie, we believe in the power of statistics, and want to bring it to your business. Email Marketing is no exception, taking into consideration that 77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email. Although many businesses use email to promote their products, only 7% use it as a brand-building tool. On the other hand, we believe that with handcrafted email marketing campaigns you will be able to target your audience to share relevant updates about news and upcoming promotional events, as well as strengthen your relationships with clients. As a result, your business will significantly its’ increase brand recognition.

What we do

Build Your List

Build a list of engaged customers that want to hear more about your products and future events.

Create Campaigns

Campaigns that reach your audience with information that adds value to your customers.

Manage Campaigns

Leverage the ability to manage your campaigns with the right information to the right people.

Provide Analytics

We provide informative insight about your campaigns performance, constantly improving future operations.

Let's Work Together

Our business is growing your business. Therefore, we focus on getting you the brand voice and technology tools that your company needs to get more happy clients. We want to make sure that your customers see your company with the same image as you. As a result, our job is to grow your audience and increase customer retention, which translates into more happy customers in your location. So reach out, we look forward to helping your business grow.